Quotes in anime


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    Quotes in anime

    Postaj  Acrodyn on 04.02.11 21:16

    Ovdje pišite svoje najdraže citate iz animea! Psihološki, inteligentni, retardirani ( ali smiješni).. Što god hoćete! Wink

    Da ja započnem u svom stilu:

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Asuka Langley Sôryû: It's time to get up, you dork!

    Asuka Langley Sôryû: Ach! You stupid pervert! I didn't need to get *that* up!

    Shinji Ikari: I can't help it! It's morning!

    Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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    Re: Quotes in anime

    Postaj  corangar on 04.02.11 21:50

    "Worry not! As this Earth is round, you are sure to meet once again!" — Watashi (Tatami Galaxy)

    "Ii yoru da. Ah, shizuka ne. Honto wa ii yoru da" — Alucard (Hellsing OVA)

    Obožavam taj quote na jap i to s alucardovim hrapavim glasom ^^
    na eng bi bilo nesto kao tipa: "Such a splendid night. Ah, so quiet. Truly a splendid night.".

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    Re: Quotes in anime

    Postaj  Byakislav on 05.02.11 0:28

    Jedan kojeg se sjećam u originalu iz Gundam seeda

    "Korosu dakara koroshte...
    Korosu dakara kono sore te...
    Sore te hontoni sayga heiwa ni inari kurayo?"

    a bilo bi otprilike ovako bio na eng:

    Kill because somebody was killed...
    Get killed because he killed...
    Do you think peace will ever come like that?

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    Re: Quotes in anime

    Postaj  filthy_victorian on 05.02.11 10:37

    Anime i manga Loveless:

    "This skin is a nuisance. This skin that separates you and me...it is a nuisance."

    "Pain is knowing that you're still alive."

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    Re: Quotes in anime

    Postaj  marta on 05.02.11 15:07

    "It must really be a lonelier journey than anyone could imagine. Cutting through absolute darkness, encountering nothing but the occasional hydrogen atom. Flying blindly into the abyss, believing therein lie the answers to the mysteries of the universe. " - 5 cm per second

    "Sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life." - Kakashi Hatake

    "What does it turn to whenever snow melts? It turns to spring!" -Honda Tohru


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    Re: Quotes in anime

    Postaj  Bloodedge on 08.02.11 12:37

    Cowboy Bebop

    Spike Spiegel: There once was a tiger-striped cat. This cat died a million deaths, revived & lived a million lives, and he was owned by various people who he really didn't care for. The cat wasn't afraid to die. Then one day the cat became a stray cat which meant he was free. He met a white female cat & the two of them spent their days together happily. Well, years passed & the white cat grew weak & died of old age. The tiger-striped cat cried a million times & then he died too. Except this time, he didn't come back to life.

    One Piece

    Zoro: There is someone that I must meet again. And until that day... not even Death himself can take my life away!

    Fairy Tail

    Erza Scarlet: You don't die for your friends, you live with your friends. That is how you create a happy future.


    Ragna the Bloodedge:

    - Boy, today must really not be my day... What did I do to make a lady want to kill me?

    - I'll never forgive you, you son of a bitch. I was gonna tell you to die a slow, painful death, but I don't got the patience to wait around, so you're dying now.

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    Re: Quotes in anime

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